Welcome – to Goethe, his house, and his society

The inscription "Salve" - Welcome! - greets you as you enter the house in Weimar where Goethe lived and worked for the greater part of his life. Visitors of many nationalities pass over his threshold every year, as they did in his lifetime, testimony to a fame and esteem extending across all frontiers then and now. Goethe's artistic and intellectual achievements are historic, but they have not aged.

The Goethe Society founded in 1885 and numbering more than three thousand members around the world, exists to keep Goethe's work and thought present to the mind of the contemporary public. If you join us, you will be part of that international community of potential friends and conversational partners, some of them professional scholars, far more of them simply lovers of literature. You will also have free access to all the historic buildings and museums that are part of the "Klassik-Stiftung Weimar" - Goethe's and Schiller's houses with their attached permanent and special exhibitions, the Bauhaus museum, and related outlying castles and estates, Charlotte von Stein's at Groß Kochberg, Wieland's at Oßmannstedt.

We maintain formal as well as informal contacts, Biennal conferences and a substantial Yearbook of essays and reviews keep the membership abreast of current research into Goethe and the culture of his age, all presented in accessible form.

Anything you may like to know about the Goethe Society will be found in the following pages.

We welcome your interest, and would be even happier to welcome you as a member.